The epic landscapes are enough to call you to our majestic shores; but once here, we'll take you on an exclusive journey through time-honoured traditions steeped in culture and authenticity.  Your world-class experiences should be defined by unforgettable adventures that go hand-in-hand with your personal interests and discoveries, so we specially craft your visit to include not just the attractions, landscapes and hospitality that Ireland is noted for, but also exclusive elements that allow you to immerse yourself into our culture to create a truly special experience.

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The Irish Pub Tours are a celebration of one of the greatest institutions in Irish society: the pub. They include many pubs featured in the critically acclaimed film, The Irish Pub. This journey will take you on an off-the-beaten-path exploration of Irish culture and immerse you in rich character and history. You’ll enjoy more than a perfect pint of Guinness and stunning landscapes. You’ll discover a world with warmth, wit, heart and soul.