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We craft tailor-made experiences in Ireland that will be fondly remembered as the "trip of a lifetime."  You can rest assured that while your clients are on the ground, in our care, they'll receive the very best Irish hospitality and unimpeachable service. We put care, creativity and pride into offering what we feel are not simply holidays, but authentic journeys for lasting memories.  Getting it just right is a collaboration, and we understand that no one knows your clients better than you. With your personal input and our destination and product expertise, whatever the requirements, from those everyday travelers to the more discerning guests with no limits, we’ll create an itinerary that suits their style. We know who to talk to and where to go to curate the perfect start-to-end journey. 


We craft once-in-a-lifetime experiences in pursuit of authentic journeys and lasting memories.


  • We are a full-service agency and we offer turn-key, bespoke services that cater to every aspect of your clients’ travel arrangements.

  • When working with Crafted Ireland, you are able to take advantage of our full network that is a result of 28-years of connecting and growing with our suppliers and partners. We talk to the right people - the owners, directors and managers - who fully understand how important our clients are to us and how important your clients are to you.

  • We offer itineraries that are unique to each individual client and tailor-crafted based on particular interests, needs and preferences.

  • We present travel experiences in imaginative and creative ways that allow your clients to immerse themselves in Irish culture, history and traditions.

  • As the Travel Advisor, you hold your client’s best interest at heart, and to that respect, we take the greatest care in upholding the integrity of your brand so that everything we put into place is not only approved by you to the greatest desires of your clients, but also keeps your mission in mind as well.


  • As a full-service agency you can expect complete travel services that manage every aspect of the trip*: This includes hotel bookings, upgrades and amenities requests, transportation and guiding, activities and attractions, security and VIP services, exclusive bookings and private activities, behind-scenes experiences, special requests and more. NOTHING is impossible.

  • You'll receive innovative itineraries that cater to every detail of your clients' needs and wishes. Our team is based in Dublin, and hail from all corners of Ireland. This allows us to add a bit of true local flare and recommend hidden gems that only a local can know.

  • We have strong relationships with 4- and 5-star properties including castles, estates, manors, and country homes, and we make all bookings and negotiations on your behalf. We offer matched or equal consortium amenities, and ensure that the hotels are aware of our agents' names when booking through Crafted Ireland. We work very closely with our preferred partner hotels and we can offer agent commissions on the best available rates.

  • We offer chauffeur/guided transportation. In our promise to deliver the best overall experience in Ireland, we feel this is best captured by eliminating the stress of navigating vehicles, narrow, winding roads, directions and concerns for arriving to the next destination safely and on time without incidents. Add the local knowledge from our professional drivers/guides, and your clients only need to enjoy the majestic Irish landscapes, as they delight in the stories and insight that will enhance their experiences throughout their journeys.

  • You can rest assured that when your clients are in Ireland under our care, we will ensure that they are thoughtfully looked after, and even meet them personally on your behalf.

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As part of our promise of quality and service, we manage every aspect of the trip on your behalf. We custom-craft each journey to allow the traveler to experience Ireland as it speaks to their specific styles and interests. Based on our extensive network of suppliers, our creative and innovative travel designers and our personal destination knowledge, we create a routing to include appropriate accommodations in destinations as designed to deliver a perfect trip. Further, to fully assist you if any issues or last minute changes arise with any element of your clients’ trips, by maintaining the ownership of the full itinerary, we are then able to make immediate amends and reparations on Ireland's time zone, on the ground, on your behalf. To your greater benefit, this also allows you to promise your clients the best possible experience and quality service. 

In September 2017, we hosted 16 luxury agents on an immersive fam trip across Ireland. Here's what some had to say:

We're very proud to represent Ireland in Marrakech, Miami and Cannes. 
Let us know if you are attending, and let's connect.

Crafted Ireland is a division of Turas Custom Ireland Limited, leading Destination Management Consultants in Ireland. We've been welcoming groups to Ireland and delivering quality travel programmes and memorable signature moments to satisfied customers for 23 years.