Gaelic Games Experience
All-Ireland Championships


When it comes to team sports events in Ireland, there is none more popular than the All-Ireland Senior Championship Finals organised by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).

These games are unique in that they are played by non-paid amateur players which heightens the intensity of Match Day – a culmination of years of hard work, passion for and dedication to Irish sport. Croke Park becomes more than just a stadium – it becomes a place for people coming together with shared dreams; a place where passion, culture and teamwork are exhibited both on and off the pitch. Dublin swells with the arrival of large numbers of supporters on match day, bringing with them colour, noise and excitement. Hurling and Football bring Irish communities together in a flurry of pride and spirit like no other events in Ireland and are truly authentic showcases of Irish culture and heritage. The quest for tickets is intense as Ireland’s top counties do battle for the right to be named champions.

Like the Super Bowl in the U.S., to attend is a privileged opportunity, and these are the most sought after ticketed event in the Irish sporting calendar.

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