Ireland's Food Story Is Spreading Like Butter...

Photo by Kelli Tonnesen creamy, delicious Irish butter made from milk of grass-fed cows that graze from fields of fertile, rich, clean Irish soil...

 Ok, so maybe I'm a little enthusiastic, and perhaps a little dramatic, but not without reason. I can speak from personal experience of the freshness and quality of meals while traveling across Ireland. Fresh-off-the-boat seafood near Dublin; farm-to-fork produce from the back garden of a favourite 5-star hotel on the west coast; or warm, brown bread self-baked at one of Ireland's famous cookery schools and farms - there's no shortage of exquisite dining from coast to coast.  Ireland can put a place on a plate like never before, and foodies from all over the world are coming to taste for themselves. Pure Irish products like Irish beef and butter are favourites among many, but whether you fancy an artisan experience, a fabulous food trail, a nature hike to forage for your own ingredients, a high-end dining experience served to perfection or a simpler pub meal near a warm, glowing hearth, you won't be disappointed by what Ireland can offer as a top food destination.

While I could certainly make a job of eating my way across Ireland and continue to tell you about it, I'd much prefer to allow you to experience for yourself. Crafted Ireland specialises in luxury holidays of Ireland crafted just for you. So tell me, what's your flavour? Groups and individual travelers are welcome. Contact me today at

Rebecca Dixon is Director of Sales/Marketing for Crafted Ireland, North America
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