Murphy's Stout

Let's Grab A Pint. It's National Beer Day!

Sláinte to our good friends in the United States celebrating National Beer Day! The Irish are known for producing (and drinking) many fine beers as well, and the team at Crafted Ireland Custom Tours is happy to enjoy them and join the celebration!

Brewing has a long history in Ireland. Fertile soil, abundant rain and cool temps provide the magical conditions for producing superb barley. Approximately half the alcohol consumed in Ireland is beer - and there are plenty quality beers from which to choose. Here are our favourites:

Crothúr Murphy, Managing Director:  "Ahem.... Guinness! Of course. Other than that probably a nice cold bottle of Tiger."

Sara Hosford, Business Development:  "Too many to choose from! Depends on the weather, the time of day, how many I'm going to have, where I am... and what mood I'm in... I do generally prefer trying local craft beers, however.  Here's goes: O Hara's Lager (so fresh!); Guinness (not so small I know but it's an amazing brand); Smithwicks (The visitor experience is brilliant!); and McGargles (my cousin works for them in New York and they are expanding fast... also quirky marketing and branding which I like!)

Niamh McCarthy, Accounts and Operations: "Hands down my favourite beer is Guinness. Delicious and (apparently) good for you!"

Rebecca, Sales/Mktg North America: "I'll have a Guinness, please. Any day. Any time. Anywhere. I'll even drink it out of a pint glass with no harp. It's sacrilege. But, true."

National Beer Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated by beer enthusiasts every year on April 7th in the United States. It marks the ending of prohibition in 1933 when legal beer sales returned for the first time after 13 years. National Beer Day continues to grow in popularity due to the American craft beer renaissance and regional breweries. For beer enthusiasts wishing to take a deeper look into the Irish way of life - a culture behind the beer - Irish pubs, some centuries old, are living tradition. Crafted Ireland Custom Tours offers a 7-night, off-the-beaten-path Irish Pub Tour that promises to immerse you in authentic character and history. On this vacation, you’ll enjoy more than a perfect, creamy pint of your favourite beer and stunning landscapes. You’ll discover a world with warmth, wit, heart and soul. Click here to start your adventure today: The Irish Pub Tour